Taekwondo Class in Richmond, TX

Little Ninja Program

Ages 5-6

63dafaa8276e9 Little Ninja Program Our dynamic and fun little ninja program is designed with your five to six-year-old in mind. The little ninja program begins preparing our younger athletes by working on focus, listening, balance, bilateral coordination, and following directions. The coaches take pride in introducing these young athletes to life skills such as discipline and respect. The program is high-energy and every effort is made to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio. The Little Ninjas have the same basic curriculum as the older students, but on a scale down level. The focus and discipline our instructors can bring out of

Beginners Class

Ages 7-13

63dafaf488f82 Beginners Class The beginner Athlete will learn the customary traditions of Taekwondo such as the five tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. Of course, focusing on teaching them the “yes sirs” and “yes ma’ams”. Our belt system is used to recognize the athlete as they progress and gain proficiency in their Taekwondo curriculum. All athletes begin as a white belt. Upon receiving their next belt level which is yellow belt, that is when the curriculum really takes off. It is at this level, they begin sparring and the love and knowledge of the sport develops.

Intermediate / Advanced Black Belt

All ages above 6

63dafb46bb4b8   https://fortbendmartialartsacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Black-Belt-VIdeo.mp4 Intermediate/Advanced/Black Belt As the athlete’s knowledge of the sport grows along with their own physical development, they continue to advance to different levels. The student will continue to move up in belt colors as their knowledge of self-defense, Taekwondo patterns or forms, sparring and the spirit of Taekwondo grows. When all of this is mastered by the student, they will be in a position to test for their Black Belt. It will be one of the most celebrated moments in the entire families lives. It is widely known college admittance administrators look favorably on students who have

Adult Class

Ages 14 and up

638c3f9a8d194 Teenagers and Adults This program has been developed to modernize the athletes Taekwondo experience. All athletes will find immediate success as they see development physically, mentally and emotionally by practicing positive habits . Athletes will develop functional strength, improved flexibility through dynamic stretching as well as practical self defense techniques. Our adults will find the exercise alone will get them in the best shape of their adult lives.

Developmental Teams

Ages 7 and up
Selected by coaches

Competitive Martial Arts School Near Katy, TX 646b95cf373f5 Olympic Sport/Developmental Teams The Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy Developmental Teams are led by USA National Champion and World Games Gold Medalist Master Daniel Elkowitz and 2012 London Olympic Games Head Coach and USA National Champion Master Chris Martinez. The Developmental teams include the Junior Varsity, Varsity, Select Team and the Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy National Team. The teams are designed to maximize the competitive athletes ability to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Athletes will work specifically on learning the fundamentals of the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo such