Welcome To Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy

Students who attend Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy will discover they have entered a unique, one-of-a-kind facility. The School offers world class proven Taekwondo athletes and instructors in a first class athletic facility. Its students come from all over to train with Master Daniel Elkowitz, 2008 Olympic Team training partner and United States World University Games Taekwondo Champion. After nine years at our previous location in the Pecan Grove community we have recently expanded our facility and moved to a new location. Our new address is off FM 723 at 1803 First Oaks Street, Richmond, Texas 77406. This location is between FM 359 and Bellaire Blvd. off FM 723. Our facility is for athletes of all ages to train in a clean, wholesome and fun environment with first class instructors.

Master Elkowitz has trained with and competed against the finest athletes in the world. While competitive by nature, he understands that safety is of the utmost importance for his students. Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy has spared no expense to make sure the facility is one of the finest and safest facilities in the industry. Few Taekwondo schools go to this expense to protect its students.

The building itself also offers first class security for its athletes/guests. The facility consists of state-of-the-art fire and alarm systems for everyone's safety.


The style of Taekwondo practiced at Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy is a blend of the traditional Korean Taekwondo mixed with the Olympic Sport style Taekwondo. The Korean style focuses on the beauty and spirit of the sport while teaching self-defense and instilling in their students, life's lessons stressing high moral ideals, love of family, humility, discipline and respect of others. The Olympic Sport Taekwondo style is especially geared towards the athlete who has an interest in excelling in the competitive side of Taekwondo, either through poomse (forms) competition or the highly exciting sparring aspect of the sport. While the Korean Taekwondo philosophy focuses on self-defense, discipline, and character building, the Olympic Sport style drills on speed, quickness, technique, fighting strategy and cardio vascular training. Master Elkowitz has trained, taught and personally excelled in both disciplines.


At Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy, we believe in honoring the strength and character of the Korean philosophy combined with the American spirit and conservative values. Athletes from all sports enroll in Taekwondo schools around the country. Taekwondo is known to enhance flexibility, improve eye-hand coordination, improve cardiovascular conditioning and of course teaches self-defense and discipline. More importantly, Taekwondo instills in its students the ability to walk away from trouble and not look for it. If trouble is unavoidable however, Taekwondo teaches its students to handle themselves accordingly and only when necessary. Beyond the obvious health advantages such as weight loss and cardio vascular conditioning, Taekwondo like no other sport for children has a greater benefit under the surface. Taekwondo builds self-confidence, self-control and helps guide young people to make clear and positive decisions.

At Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy, we will help parents direct the children towards becoming good citizens while encouraging a positive attitude, developing respect towards others and instilling a sense of discipline in its students.