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    With 25 AAU
    National Championships

    One of the most prolific Taekwondo Schools in the United States

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  • Welcome to

    Fort Bend Martial

    Arts Academy

    Classes available for all ages and athletic ability.

    Since Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy opened in 2010, The school has positioned itself as one of the elite Taekwondo Schools in the State of Texas.

    The academy offers classes and programs for ages four through senior adulthood. Our training will push anyone at any age to grow mentally and physically.

  • we balance strong

    curriculum with olympic

    sport style taekwondo

    The home of AAU National Champions

    Our athletes have garnered an impressive 25 AAU National Championships. FBMA students can compete on one of the school's competition teams or train in the traditional Taekwondo program.

    FBMA coaches develop a personal relationship with each athlete and take the role of mentor very seriously. The coaches will always promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle between school, sports, family and bettering the community.

  • Building champions

    one student

    at a time

    We inspire generations

    Our world class coaches have worked with athletes in local and state competitions all the way to National competition and the Olympics.

    Your athlete will be training with Taekwondo Masters who have traveled the world competing and coaching at the highest levels in the sport.

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What to know about
fort bend martial arts academy

We build and train National Champions

Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy specializes in Taekwondo, the Korean martial arts form. Taekwondo has been a sanctioned Olympic Sport since the year 2000. FMBA is one of the most prominent Taekwondo Schools in Texas. Our athletes have proven to be some of the most successful in AAU National Competition and have garnered numerous National Championships.

Each athlete is given the opportunity to pursue training in the manner they and the instructors feel will best suit the athlete going forward. The athlete can train in the traditional classes or can choose to compete.

Daniel Elkowitz

Director / Instructor
Daniel Elkowitz

Programs Offered at Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy

Our Instructors

Our instructors are Olympic Teakwondo coaches World and National Champions. These coaches are some of the most highly decorated and respected athletes and coaches in the sport. 

Brand New Facility

Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy opened its new facility in January, 2020. The training area for the athletes is just under 2,000 square feet. Maximum visibility was created so visitors could view the training area yet provide uninterrupted sounds from the lobby to facilitate the world class instruction from some of the finest Taekwondo coaches in the country. View the wall mural which displays the history of the instructors and their travels competing and coaching all over the world. 


Many martial arts schools push students through their programs in order to get them to Black Belt status as quick as possible. Other schools focus very heavily on traditional curriculum. Our coaches blend a perfect balance of curriculum and Olympic sport-style training. This allows our masters and students to determine each athletes optimal developmental path.

As a result of our training approach, the athletes develop friendships within the facility as they train, compete and work together to build a team spirit. While the general retention of students at many martial arts averages about two years, many of our students remain with the program about seven to 10 years due to the team building, camaraderie and curriculum offered at FBMA.

Developmental Teams

Athletes on the competitions teams travel locally and nationally to Taekwondo tournaments around the country. They compete in local, state and national competition. Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy has also established four of the most intense and well-run internal tournaments just for our athletes. These internal tournaments are professionally coordinated. The school pays for independent referees to judge these important tournaments. Athletes who move up the competition ladder, can qualify for the school's highly competitive National Team.

Fort Bend Open

Fort Bend Open

Competition open to the entire academy allowing students the opportunity to determine if they want to join the developmental team.

Fort Bend Grand Prix

Fort Bend Grand Prix

Our third annual tournament featuring forms and Olympic sparring competition. 

Inner School Olympics

Inner School Olympics

A summer camp based around the Olympic Games, allowing athletes to learn and experience the history and the culture of the Olympics. 

The Champions Final

The Champions Final

Competition between athletes who medaled in any of the previous competitions, promising bragging rights for the year and a chance to join the next years's National Team.

What clients say



This is the best question anyone can ask. To the surprise of most parents, there is a tremendous difference between martial arts programs. It's common around the country and locally for just anybody to open a Taekwondo school even if that person has nominal teaching skills and little real experience in the sport. What happens, the athlete and parent get disillusioned with the sport and soon leave never to take Taekwondo again. At FBMA, our coaches have traveled the world competing, coaching and training athletes all the way to the Olympic Level. Our program at FBMA is highly structured and our coaches are the finest and some of the most respected athletes nationally. A high percentage of students in our program train and stay with us for many years. It's not uncommon for out students to stay for seven to ten years or until they graduate high school and leave for college or the military.
It's best to set up a time to come in to talk with one of the coaches and view the beautiful facility. The student will be sized up for a new uniform. The student can start their 30-day trial period immediately. Any time of the year is fine. FBMA is a year around sport program.
There are many reasons for participating in this sport/activity. In some cases, parents are seeking structure and discipline for their child. Taekwondo and especially FBMA has a high standard of structure and discipline in the program. FBMA is not a daycare style mentality. The athlete takes great pride in learning at each belt level and advancing to the next level. Parents share in the pride as they witness their child grow in the sport and with the disciplines learned and friendships gained.
Many of the most successful athletes in Taekwondo have never participated in sports and especially team sports. In many instances, it is the thought the child is not athletic at all. As it turns out, the child is actually a gifted athlete in this sport and ends up competing at a national level. In fact, that Taekwondo athlete has more natural athletic talent than the child that competes in team sports. Gifted or not, the child learns self-defense, teamwork, improved discipline and receives some of the finest exercise and health benefits than in any other sport.
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Working Hours
M-F: 12PM - 8PM | S: 9AM - 12PM