Sugar Land Teakwondo

Little Ninja Class

Ages 5-7


Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy Little Ninja Program is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 7 years of age.  Master Elkowitz has designed a curriculum that is consistent with child development both mentally and physically.  The children do not get bored and they develop in the areas parents desire the most:  improved coordination, enhanced attention span and, of course, better social skills especially in the area of displaying courtesy and respect to others.  Parents who have children enrolled in the Little Ninja program at Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy notice a dramatic and sudden improvement in their child's behavior almost immediately upon starting the program.


The Little Ninja Program is an introduction to Taekwondo.  Of course, there is a big difference between the Little Ninja age group and the slightly older students.  Therefore, the curriculum focuses mainly on improving the child's motor skills, attention span and the ability to listen and follow directions.  We believe the child will become more confident at home and school and will learn to be more respectful of others.  The program at Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy will enhance their growth and development and they will have fun along the way. 

Master Elkowitz is a wonderful roll model for the children.  They will learn by his actions and want to follow his lead and direction.  This program will also prepare the child for advanced Taekwondo programs as they get older.  This will give them a competitive advantage over other Taekwondo students.

The Little Ninja curriculum will help develop skills they will need to advance in Taekwondo along with other sports.  The Little Ninja skills they develop consist of physical and mental benefits.  We believe your child will do better in school and in life in general upon learning these skills: discipline, focus, memory, fitness, coordination, teamwork, control and balance.

The Goal of our Little Ninja Program is:

  • To reinforce positive character development.
  • To develop self-confidence.
  • Develop and improve motor skills.
  • Develop learning skills through a curriculum encouraging concentration.
  • Improve social skills, self-esteem and discipline for life outside Taekwondo.


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