Sugar Land Teakwondo
Sugar Land Martial Arts Academy

Sugar Land Martial Arts

If you live in Sugar Land and are interested in a Martial Arts program for yourself, your children or you entire family, then welcome to our martial arts studio serving all of Fort Bend county, including Sugar Land.

Ready Sugar Land?  Let's get started


Taekwondo (Tae-Kwon-Do, Fist-Foot-Way) is a martial art from Korea (sometimes also spelled Taegwondo). It is a blend of Shotokan Karate with other Chinese and Korean martial arts. Taekwondo places great emphasis on fast, spectacular kicking techniques with very few hand strikes. Competition rules in Taekwondo prohibit the use of throws, holding or grappling 


Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy of 1803B First Oak Street, Suite 200, Richmond, Texas 77406.

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